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History of Tattoos


Snapbacks and Tattoos: One of the two have been around since the 1700s. Can you guess which one? Well, Rover isn’t inked up, yet, but here’s some history behind this long standing artform.

Tattooing can be dated back as early as 4000 B.C. Whether simple or elaborate, tattoos can be representative of declarations of love, accomplishments, and even punishment. An iceman from 3300 B.C. had 57 separate tattoos, one being a cross on the inside of his left knee. Tattoos were used as a huge form of expression in many ancient civilizations.

In the 1700s, Captain James Cook traveled between England and the South Pacific. He and his crew discovered many indigenous people with tattoos (Tattoo originally came from the Tahitian word, tatau). Between his many trips back and forth, the crew came back with tattoos themselves. Over time, tattooing spread among the upper classes of Europe. And the rest is history…

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