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Top Ten All-Time Greatest SIUE Teams


New to division I, the Cougars are rising in the NCAA athletic world. Rover compiled a list of the top ten greatest teams to go through Edwardsville. Check it out!

10. 1972 Men’s Soccer (First-ever college national championship at Edwardsville)

9. 1980 Men’s Tennis (ESPN cameras rolled on campus to capture the Cougars third consecutive national championship over NIcholls State)

8. 1984 Men’s Wrestling (First team championship, four individuals became national champions and eight became All-Americans)

7. 1986 Men’s Wrestling (Third straight season as the NCAA Division II team champions)

6. 1988 Women’s Tennis (The team traveled to Rohnert Park, CA in search of a third consecutive national team championship. Coach Bob Meyers would be honored as the Coach of the Year)

5. 1989 Women’s Tennis (SIUE hosted and won their 4th NCAA Division II Women’s Tennis Championship)

4. 1972 Baseball (In postseason play, Ron Middleton threw the first no-hitter in NCAA Division II baseball history)

3. 1984 Men’s Tennis (Set a record for the most consecutive national titles in any NCAA division. This year marked their 7th)

2. 2007 Softball (After 12 innings and 3 ½ hours, the Cougars defeated Lock Haven to secure their first NCAA National Championship)

1. 1978 Men’s Tennis (Started a dynasty for Tennis at Edwardsville)

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GTL…Cougar style


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