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How To Not Get Sick!



The reason we get sick in the winter season shouldn’t be blamed on the frosty weather. We spend several hours indoors surrounded by many people. Add these two together and you get lots of germs. However, spring is rapidly approaching and our immune systems could still be laying low from the winter season. Follow these steps to pump up your health going into the spring season.

Wash your hands! Duh.

Keeping your cute, scented, antibacterial gel on hand may help the cause, but it may also increase the amount of bacteria on your hands. Instead, Rover recommends an alcohol based gel, which won’t foster the development of resistant germs… Ew.

Sleep in. Seriously…

Staying consistent with your sleep schedule throughout the week will not only keep you well rested, but it also keeps your immune system from shutting down. If possible, wake up and go to bed at the same times, daily. A crazy all-nighter followed by going to bed at 4am the next night could lead to runny noses and sore throats.

Stay hydrated.

Being dehydrated and lacking sleep is a way of life for college students. However, your abused immune system could be plotting to get back at you for your crazy nights out. Drinking water can beat fatigue, headaches, and kidney problems. The average male should drink 3 liters of water and the average female should drink 2 liters. Your kidney and immune system will thank you later.

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