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Take Your Workout Outdoors!


In preparation for swimsuit season, springtime is a great opportunity to bring your workout outdoors. Ditch the gym and follow these moves for a fun workout outdoors.

Playground Mountain Climbers
Find a jungle gym or playground ladder to move upward. You’ll work your core and upper body. Replace the Stairmaster with this workout.

Plyometric Incline Push-Ups
Instead of seated chest presses, find a step or bench to work your core, arms, and chest. Place your feet off and hands on the step. Lower yourself for a push up and push off the step with each rep. Try to come off the incline as high as you can.

Lateral Hops
Jump onto your nearest park basketball court! Moving sideways and facing forward, jump over and back, along the full court line. Repeat the action moving the other direction. Move both ways down the court twice.

Hill Sprints
Sprinting is a great way to quickly burn fat. Begin with jogging or walking to warm up. Complete 5 sets of sprinting 10 yards uphill with 15 seconds of rest in between. Time your sprints. Once your speed begins to decrease by 10%, discontinue sprints for the day.

Good luck with your pre-summer workout! Rover is already trying on speedos for the occasion.

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