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School Days


In the spirit of another semester ending, we’re taking a trip down memory lane. Here are the top three memories that really ticked us off in grade school and made our memories even more enjoyable.

Indoor Recess
Come on, rain. Really? No swings, slides, four square, or kickball. Just sitting in an overcrowded classroom, attempting to play boring board games.

Reading Aloud in Class
Ah, the days where reading textbooks out loud in class was completely normal and feeling completely embarrassed as you stumble over the passage was very common. Key to not getting called on: Avoid eye contact at all costs!

Assigned Seats
Sitting next to your best friend was never an option, but sitting next to your secret crush, the class bully, or the smelly kid always seemed work out perfectly.

Now look at you; you’ve come so far from grade school days!

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