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Shout out to you! You’ve almost made it through Lent! (Soon you can go back to drinking soda, eating pizza and doing everything else you recently gave up). But, check it out…Rover dug up the backstory of Lent!

After much discussion about what Lenten preparation would entail, it was translated that the practice would last for 40 days, twenty-four hours a day. Some people only had one meal per day. Some abstained from all forms of meat for the fast, while others completely banned anything coming from animals. This abstinence of dairy products was what led to the blessing and giving of Easter eggs.

However, the Lenten rules have heavily evolved. Eating meat throughout the week is allowed except on Ash Wednesday and Fridays. Most commonly, people are encouraged to give up something as a sacrifice for the duration of Lent. Although, technically on St. Joseph’s Day (March 19) and Annunciation (March 25), those participating are exempt from the sacrifice.

So now that you are soon going back to enjoying your favorite snacks and watching TV, check out these bones Rover is throwin’ your way.

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