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Top Five Greatest Study Tips



Start the semester off right and get ahead of the class. Check out the top five greatest study tips.

5. Do the hard things first

If you are dreading a particular assignment or study session, do it first. Your brain will be fresh and you won’t dwell on it while working on other projects.

4. Study different subjects in different rooms

Avoid studying all subjects at the same time and place. You don’t have to study different subjects on different sides of town… However, if you can separate different study sessions by moving to a new room or taking a quick break, much confusion can be avoided.

3. Utilize sticky notes

As you read your textbook, summarize what you have read by jotting down the main points on a sticky note. When you go back through the section, you will know, in your own words, what you’ve red and how it applies to your overall studying.

2. Space things out

There is a limit to how long you can focus on a particular set of material. If you try to learn too much at once, your concentration abilities suffer. Not being able to concentrate will lead to poor recollection in the future.

1. Explain your thoughts to others

Utilize your roommates, parents, or friends. Explain your thoughts, answers, and ideas to them. It will help you realize whether you actually know the subject or not. If you aren’t able to fully explain it, you may have more studying to do.

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