21 Celeb Photobombers That Owned These Fan Selfies!


Fans are always pleasantly surprised when they run into their favorite celebs, and even more excited to snap a pic with them. These celebs upped the ante by creating some pretty stellar photobombs in the process, or at the very least, posing with some awesome fans!

Hanks took pics with this passed out guy’s phone


Bill, Bill, Bill Nye the short shorts guy


Chosen by the Chosen One!


Give Kevin space and he’ll photobomb


Nathan Fillion ftw


But Michael Cera has mad skill too


Her Majesty even smiled!


Papel Honor


Zach Braff made the wedding album: Did you?


Lunch with John Mayer


Belieb it! That just happened.


Adam Savage time warp


Beyonce steals the show


Warwick Davis forced himself into this one


“Put the camera down!”


Hey there Marky Mark…


Rock-ing the shoot


McCartney and Buffett taking a breather


Jurassic “Fork” time for Sam Neill


Cut. It. Out?


Nicolas Cage says hello!


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6 People You Meet During Syllabus Week

1. The Bae
tumblr_lt8s4hngBA1r4ghkoo1_500Tumblr / Her Campus
The beauty of the syllabus week bae is that the attraction is purely physical. It’s a fairytale. As classes proceed, his appeal might be tarnished by clashing opinions, annoying habits, and all the other little details that distinguish the fire of attraction. But hey, we’ll always have syllabus week.

2. The Drunk
swanson-danceTumblr / Her Campus
They probably have a 3.8 GPA and a depressingly impressive internship awaiting them this summer, but this week they’ll spend so much time shotgunning Natty you’re surprised they can remember what their first name is.

3. The Try-Hard
tumblr_n0p94qndft1r4749xo1_500Tumblr / Her Campus
They sit in the front row, ask twelve questions about the syllabus, and do their best to woo the professor at the end of the period. Be thankful for the try-hard because they’ll probably write a ballin’ study guide come finals week…all 30 pages of it.

4. The Burned Out Senior
kiQLSTsTumblr / Her Campus
They’ve either got jobs waiting for them or are panicking about their prospects. Either way, they cannot be bothered to do the reading, will show up to the minimum number of class meetings, and finish the final in under an hour. They ran out of motivation far too long ago.

5. The Stalker
Coincidence-I-Think-Not-The-IncrediblesTumblr / Her Campus
Every step you take across the quad, every turn you make, every elective you take, there they are. Your stalker doesn’t necessarily have to be aware of you, but you can’t help but wonder why you can’t seem to shake them.

6. The Ghost of Hook Ups Past
tumblr_ll9pv9jboy1qixleeo1_400Tumblr / Her Campus
Sometimes we forget that the “randoms” we meet at hip-hop night have to fulfill lit requirements like everybody else. Your ghost will likely appear when you least expect them and look the least appealing.

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