Must See Movies This Summer


Ahh, the movies of summer. Rover compiled his list of must see movies for summer 2013. Check it out!
‘This is the End’ – June 12
Seth Rogan, James Franco, Craig Robinson, and Jay Baruchel play…THEMSELVES! They watch L.A. face doomsday all around them. Expect idiocy and even more laughter.
‘Monsters University’ – June 21
The prequel to ‘Monsters Inc.’ is here! We find out how Mike and Sulley meet in college. This story shows how the two rivals became best friends.
‘The Conjuring’ – July 19
Based on a true story, paranormal investigators are called to confront demonic entities in an old farmhouse.
‘R.I.P.D.’ – July 19
Ryan Renolds, a recently deceased policeman, joins the Rest In Peace Department to find his murderer. This weird comedy takes a new spin on the recent undead trend.
‘The Wolverine’ – July 26
Wolverine goes to Japan! After many X-Men features, Wolverine faces the Silver Samurai in another Marvel smackdown.
Whether you go out to the movies or bring the movies home to you, check out these RoverTown discounts specially dug up for you!
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4th of July – Tour de FREE


We celebrate our freedom as Americans with fireworks, parties, and food. However, before the independence from Great Britain, Fourth of July celebrations were held as an annual celebration of the king’s birthday. In the summer of 1776, colonists celebrated the birth of independence by holding mock funerals for King George II. This was a way of celebrating the new found liberty and freedom.
Today, we know freedom does not come free, but here is special way to celebrate the Fourth of July!
Take the Tour de FREE.
RoverTown is proud to present to you the absolutely – no cost to you – yes, this is for real, FREE discounts in your college town! Send us a picture of you on the Tour de FREE to our Facebook page and we’ll send you another FREE gift. (Probably not an ice-cream cone, those aren’t accepted by U.S. mail).
Pretty sweet way to celebrate the America’s freedom, right? Check out RoverTown for even more sweet discounts.
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