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SharkCam Gets Amazing Footage When Great Whites Think It’s A Fish And Attack

We’d like to thank scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for releasing this video a few weeks before Shark Week.


An autonomous camera underwater in Guadalupe, Mexico last November to track and film great white sharks, but it seems that some sharks weren’t too keen on this fish-shaped object following them around.

The REMUS, or SharkCam, typically just films sharks from behind, but these particular great whites were so alarmed by the device that once they saw it, they made U-turns and attacked.

But they don’t just charge at the camera.

The sharks swim around its line of vision for a second before appearing out of nowhere from the bottom or the side, resembling the thrilling cage scene from Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws.”

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31 Things All ’00s Girls Are Still Trying To Get Over

1. Literally every single moment in A Walk to Remember.
enhanced-8936-1406578984-6Warner Bros. Studios

::Starts bawling just thinking about it::

2. When your FAVORITE from American Idol got voted off.
enhanced-24710-1406580382-13Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment

Where is the justice in this world?!?

3. Someone already having the screen name you wanted.

WHO HAS XoHugsNKisses4u? I will find them.

4. Or someone already using your Hotmail email address.
enhanced-21929-1406580467-4Microsoft / Via is already taken. So you settled for And you’re still a little miffed.

5. When your favorite CD got scratches and skipped through the best songs.
enhanced-22845-1406580793-19Flickr: cesar-pics / Via Creative Commons

6. When basically everyone had this phone except for you.
enhanced-9590-1406580878-5Flickr: lisaconnolly / Via Creative Commons

You were stuck with a basic phone that resembled a brick, but…

7. You realized that no other cell phone would ever have the battery life that your first cell phone did.
enhanced-362-1406582339-1Flickr: adrianblack / Via Creative Commons

And you’d be willing to trade autocorrect for T9 anyday

8. When someone had the EXACT same rubber band colors as you.
enhanced-24221-1406579179-2Flickr: grill / Via Creative Commons

*moves orthodontist appointment up to today*

9. When Stephen kept choosing Kristin over LC.

What was he actually thinking?

10. And then when LC decided to forgive Jason.

But srsly, WHY.

More at BuzzFeed

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