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13 College Tips That Aren’t In Your Orientation Packet

You’ve got lots of learning to do.

1. If you tell someone “let’s hang out,” follow through. / BuzzFeed
Flakiness is not a good look.

2. The middle is definitely the primo seating area.
anigif_original-18864-1405618628-15Flickr: 118625197@N06 / BuzzFeed
You can’t hear in the back, and your computer screen is a little too visible in the front. Also, you’re 100% less likely to get called on to answer a question. This is science.

3. Divide work amongst your study group so everyone does a share…
enhanced-18790-1405618836-1Flickr: rndmcnlly / BuzzFeed
…but don’t micromanage everyone’s contributions, or you’ll probably end up studying alone.

4. Body spray is not a shower substitute. / BuzzFeed
If you haven’t yet learned this mighty lesson, it is time.

5. Use the communal appliances! You’ll meet people.
enhanced-21418-1405632639-10Flickr: hilighters / BuzzFeed
But don’t microwave smelly foods there. Not everyone loves catfish curry.

6. Explore alternative modes of transportation at your own peril.
edit-21145-1405624527-13Flickr: sparr0 / BuzzFeed
Yeah, it’s fun, but do you really want to be known as the “big-wheel tiny-wheel bike dude”?

7. There’s nothing wrong with talking about high school in college…
enhanced-31638-1405633031-2Flickr: sodaniechea / BuzzFeed
…but you probably shouldn’t start every personal anecdote with “Back in high school…”

8. It’s totally cool to jam in someone else’s dorm room. That’s how the best bands in history started. / BuzzFeed
But don’t overstay your welcome. People need their quiet time.

9. Dress comfortably. You have the rest of your life for business casual! / BuzzFeed
But, there is a definite line you shouldn’t cross.

10. Take the time to read something outside of your coursework.
enhanced-29174-1406301312-12Flickr: carbonnyc / BuzzFeed
You have total access to a massive library with all the books you could ever want. Literally all of them. Take advantage of this. One day, you will miss it.

11. If you’re a gamer, invest in some quality headphones. / BuzzFeed
You don’t want to be “that guy” who keeps the hall awake at night.

12. EAT. HEALTHY. (Most of the time.) / BuzzFeed
You are forming habits that will affect your health and well-being later in life. Of course, a cheeseburger now and again never hurt anybody…

13. And lastly, take the time to befriend your professors. They’re super cool.
anigif_original-22593-1405635295-22Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
BUT DON’T refer to your professor by his or her first name. Even if they say it’s OK, it is not.

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17 Thoughts Everyone Has When Buying College Textbooks

1. Back to school means one thing…your bank account is about to take a huge hit.
anigif_enhanced-buzz-18388-1408824590-5HBO Via / BuzzFeed

2. Its taking a hit because you have to buy those things called textbooks. When you look at your book list and see titles like, “Understanding Quantum Physics,” this is your only reaction.
anigif_enhanced-buzz-19799-1408825835-5NBC Via / BuzzFeed

3. You then see that the book for the class that really means nothing to you is gonna cost you some serious doll hairs. 172 bucks for just one book??
anigif_enhanced-buzz-16597-1408507019-8FOX Via / BuzzFeed

4. You then decide that your professor had this thought process when deciding which book to assign to the class.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-5933-1408826457-17FOX / Via / BuzzFeed

5. You look past it and start trolling book rental sites. Turns out Chegg offers the book for more then half the price.
anigif_enhanced-buzz-10991-1408823878-13 (1)TaylorSwiftVEVO / Via / BuzzFeed

6. You feel as though you hit the jackpot because you found the book so cheap.

7. Yeah, thats right. You’re saving some serious cash. Take that quantum physics!!
anigif_enhanced-buzz-17754-1408824185-13AMC Via / BuzzFeed

8. Oh but wait, that was just one book. You also need to get 10 more. Each well over 50 bucks a pop.

9. Goodbye extra money for alcohol.
anigif_enhanced-buzz-1056-1408825726-13MTV Via / BuzzFeed

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