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15 Harsh Truths Grads Don’t Want To Hear After They Walk Off The Stage

Kylie McConville from Elite Daily describes the 15 truths that recent graduates have to face. It’s a huge transition from carefree, college days to the real world, but you’ll make it through!

11228874-standard Elite Daily

I graduated with the false hope that things would always stay this good, this easy, this fun. Life in the real world would become an extension of my crazy days in college: My friends and I would move relatively close to one another and continue to lead our self-loving, self-hating journeys together.

We’d drink too much on Tuesday nights and all stumble into our high-paying, low-effort-required positions the next day; the work day would just be an extension of the perfect free-for-all college was.

Spoiler alert: Reality hits – hard – after you walk off the stage and into the unforgiving arms of Mother Real World. Suddenly life’s not so good, so easy, so fun.

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