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21 Ways To Make Cheap Liquor Taste Better

In college, two things are certain: finals, and that the liquor will have to be cheap.

Uh oh.


These cocktails are some of the best for making bottom shelf, throat-burning alcohol taste great.

1. Make a Moscow mule with ginger ale instead of ginger beer.
The real version of this drink is vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. BUT, ginger beer can be expensive. Ginger ale will be key to deadening the senseless violence that is cheap vodka without emptying your wallet.

2. Make a white Russian with coffee creamer instead of Kahlua and cream.
enhanced-22137-1404937564-1Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sifu_renka
Mix vodka, hazelnut or amaretto-flavored liquid coffee creamer (Coffee-Mate makes both), and a slice of lime. Typically this is made with Kahlua coffee liqueur, which is great but not the cheapest. Any flavored sweet cream will accomplish the job of taking all of the attention away from the booze.

3. Make a slip ‘n’ slide with cherry vodka, lemonade, and lots of lime juice.
Cherry vodka (Burnett’s works great), limeade or lemonade, and a lime slice. While flavored cheap vodka can be brutal alone, it really calms down when you add some fresh citrus.

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This College Application From 1922 Shows The Process Has Always Been Crazy (Photo)

If you thought the college application process was absurd now, check out this college application from 1922, which asks questions like “Is your health good?” and if you’d like to study “domestic science,” whatever that means.

2YnFB1jImgur / Elite Daily

This single-paged, no-essay application, albeit with slightly invasive questions, makes me wish I could go back in time and study at Elon.

I’m curious as to what the school’s application looks like now. Does it still ask what church I go to, or if I’m specifically interested in Public Speaking? Why is Public Speaking even capitalized?

Perhaps it was regarded as a high art back then — in which case, I’m definitely going back to 1922.

Higher education has surely changed a lot. Now, applications basically ask us if we’d like to sacrifice our unborn child for a single-digit percentage chance of being admitted. And, once admitted, we have to sacrifice our second unborn child for the tuition. Take me, Elon! My health is good!

At a mere $5 deposit, why would someone not go to college in 1922? I suppose $5 was a lot back then, but still. How could you not want to study “Expression”?

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