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39 Feelings Everyone Has During The First Week Of College

So you’re off to college. / BuzzFeed

And you’re feeling a lot of feelings. / BuzzFeed

1. There’s the feeling you feel the week before you leave: / BuzzFeed
aka I need to GTFO of this place.

2. And how you feel two nights before you leave: / BuzzFeed
*more reflection*


4. And to make everything worse, the morning you leave, your parents are acting silent and weird and MELANCHOLIC.
enhanced-8819-1407534531-5Summit Entertainment / BuzzFeed

5. And you’re just like: / BuzzFeed

6. But these feelings quickly evaporate when you try to finish packing.
anigif_enhanced-23221-1407771523-1Sony Music Studios / BuzzFeed
Because everything you own DOES NOT in fact fit into that ONE box to the left.

7. Your face when you find that your stuff doesn’t even fit into MULTIPLE boxes.
And these MULTIPLE boxes won’t fit into the trunk of your car!!!

8. And so you start unpacking and repacking things and bicker over trivial stuff like extension cords and all you want to do is this: / BuzzFeed
k, bi

9. Finally, you get to school, where your parents think they’re WHISPERING when they’re talking about people in the near vicinity, but they’re actually speaking at an AUDIBLY DISCERNIBLE volume. / BuzzFeed
“Who’s that boy next door? Why don’t you go talk to him? He’s cute.”
*said through megaphone*

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Cast Of ‘The Lion King’ Takes Over NYC Subway And Sings ‘Circle Of Life’ (Video)

Back in April, the Australian cast of “The Lion King” took over a flight by singing the famous tune, “The Circle of Life.” The in-flight crew and passengers definitely got more than they paid for.

What could be better than that?

How about the original Broadway cast taking over a NYC subway singing the same inspiring tune?

Approximately 30 cast members sent subway riders for a journey of a lifetime while on break between a matinee and evening performance.

If this is just what they do when they hangout, it’s no wonder “The Lion King” became Broadway’s first $1 billion show, last year.

A must see!

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