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The Coffee Shop From ‘Friends’ Is Actually Coming To NYC In September

central-perkWarner Bros / Elite Daily

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that, this fall, there will be a pop-up coffee shop in downtown Manhattan made to replicate the one from ‘Friends’.

In fact, the actual orange couch from the set of the show will be in the store as well as a number of other props. Not to mention, the guy who played Gunther, James Michael Tyler, will be making appearances at this version of Central Perk.

Wait, it gets even better. The coffee in the shop will be free and there will be occasional musical performances based on songs from the show (see: “Smelly Cat“).

The store will be located at 199 Lafayette Street and open from September 17 to October 18.

If you don’t already have plans to visit New York this fall, it’s time to book your tickets.

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18 Incredible Student Traditions You Can Only Experience At College Football Games

texas-am-kyle-field-elite-dailyElite Daily

You can travel all around the world, and you still won’t find a sport with a deeper connection with its fans than college football.

Tradition is a word that’s thrown around loosely in the realm of NCAA, but for those who’ve traveled to a packed stadium on a crisp autumn day and experienced the atmosphere firsthand, you know how special it is.

But it’s not just the rivalries or uniforms that we love so much. Sure the cheerleaders are cool, the bands are OK, and let’s be honest with ourselves, half of these kids aren’t even paying attention to what’s going on on the field.

It’s all about showing that school pride and making sure that everyone in the college football universe can hear you chant. It’s about getting so hyped before kickoff that the rest of the game is just a disappointment.

It’s about blacking out before half time and waking up just in time to storm the field. As a player, it’s about carrying on the rituals that players have been participating in for nearly a century. But like all things in life, the real question is: Who does it best?

With over 328 division 1 schools, it’s hard to keep track and we can only find so many decent-quality videos on YouTube. But when judging a program on its merit, look no further than traditions. That will tell you everything you need to know.

18. University of Hawaii – The Haka Dance

The Maori dance is one of the most symbolic gestures not only in the Pacific islands, but all over the country.

The University of Hawaii Warriors have always been out of the national spotlight, with most of the island’s best talent leaving to the mainland to play for major universities, but one of the best reasons to watch a game at Aloha Stadium is to see and hear the traditional war cry.

17. University of Notre Dame – “Play Like A Champion Today”

While the Fighting Irish haven’t played at champion levels in recent years, their rich history of winning National Titles in the 70s and 80s is something that they still hang on to today.

A relic of those old days is, of course, the world-famous “Play Like A Champion” sign at the end of the team’s tunnel that players all tap before heading out on to the field.

16. University of Southern California – Tommy Trojan’s brutal disrespect.

Tommy Trojan’s sword-stabbing tradition, otherwise known as the “OJ,” is one of the most badass in college football.

While opponents have banned USC’s mascot from stabbing their centerfield logo, there was a time when Tommy used to commit the ultimate disrespect in sports, as seen against UCLA above. Of course, he doesn’t do all of this before riding up on Traveller, SC’s official stallion.

15. University of Oregon – Duck on the Harley

In case you didn’t know, Nike founder Phil Knight is a proud University of Oregon alum. Autzen Stadium is one of the most electric in the country, and it’s not just because of the infinite uniform combinations the Ducks have.

With the trend of more recent traditions, the mascot leads the team out on to the field on a Harley Davidson. It’s really hard to match that, Oregon State.

14. Auburn University – War Eagle

Taking football back to its roots, the Auburn Tigers send out a symbolic war eagle, which is released from somewhere up in the heavens and lands perfectly, square every time on centerfield.

The legend says that the first war eagle was brought to a game after a soldier fighting in the Civil War rescued it. If that’s true, that’s f*cking badass.

13. University of Oklahoma – Sooner Schooner

Every time the Oklahoma Sooners score a touchdown, the school’s spirit team (comprised of all males) takes the team’s two horses, Boomer and Sooner, across the field.

Considering that OU likes to pour it on, scoring up to 50 points in just the first half, the animals find themselves busy and in for a good workout.

12. University of Colorado Boulder – Ralphie’s Run

On the topic of live animals hitting the field, nobody does it quite better than the University of Colorado. Ralphie’s run is not only super exciting, but super dangerous.

Any time a buffalo hits the open field, anything can happen. Luckily, some volunteer students guide him throughout the whole way and right back into the trailer.

11. University of Alabama – “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer”

There’s no better way to tell a team you beat, “F*ck You,” quite like Alabama’s “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer” chant. An actual line from the song (which can be applied to any school) is, “Hey Auburn! Hey Auburn! Hey Auburn! We just beat the hell out of you!”

Considering that the Crimson Tide wins a National Title every day, who the hell is going to tell them to stop?

10. Louisiana State University – The live tiger in the cage

This one is number 1 in my book. A live, caged tiger with all of the cheerleaders sitting on top is a winning combination every single time. Mike VI is one of the tamer tigers in the game, but to add a little more risk to it all, the girls decide to trust fall off the top of the cage. Now that’s entertainment!

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