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Vince Wilfork Saves Woman In An Overturned SUV After Patriots’ Win

vince-wilfork-crash-elite-daily-800x400Twitter / Elite Daily

Vince Wilfork reached the Super Bowl on Sunday night, and still it wasn’t his most impressive accomplishment of the evening.

The Patriots monster defensive tackle lent a helping hand to the Massachusetts State Police yesterday when he pulled a woman from an overturned vehicle on the side of a highway.

In an update about the event, the police said:

At 12:45 am, troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Foxboro responded to reports of a vehicle rolled over on Route 1 in the town of Foxboro. Troopers arrived to find a 2015 Jeep Wrangler rolled onto its side. To their surprise, New England Patriots Defensive Tackle Vince Wilfork was beside the vehicle checking on the operator.

Wilfork had been driving home from the AFC Championship at Foxboro Stadium, and reportedly found the women in distress before the police arrived.

When the police finally did arrive, the lineman played a crucial role in bringing her to safety. The press release continued:

The operator of the vehicle, 38-year-old MARY ELLEN BROOKS of Hanson, was unable to get out of the vehicle. Trooper Kenneth Proulx stated that he held the drivers door of the vehicle open, and Vince Wilfork reached in and helped lift the operator out of the vehicle with one hand.

The one dim spot of the story? The driver was later charged with driving under the influence.

More at Elite Daily

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Taylor Swift wrote a check for $1989 to help a fan pay off student loans

taylorstudentloansCharles Sykes / Mashable

Tumblr enthusiast, Taylor Swift, loves stalking people on the Internet and learning all about her fans from their social media accounts — and she isn’t afraid to let the world know. After all, she even created her own hashtag for it, #Taylurking.

While she probably looks at every single Instagram of her ex’s new flames (just like the rest of us), she also uses her creeping powers for good.

After gathering data on her Swifties, Taylor leaves heartwarming comments on their photos and sends them Swiftmas presents.

screen-shot-2015-01-13-at-2-00-34-pmRebekah Bortniker / Twitter

The latest recipient of the singer’s generosity is Rebekah, a fan whose Twitter handle is appropriately @noitsbeks.

After Rebekah posted on Tumblr about struggling to pay her student loans, Swift responded by sending her $1,989 to put toward her education…

screen-shot-2015-01-13-at-2-23-55-pm (1)Rebekah Bortniker / Twitter

— as well as a few other thoughtful gifts.

screen-shot-2015-01-13-at-2-11-50-pmRebekah Bortniker / Twitter

screen-shot-2015-01-13-at-2-13-51-pmRebekah Bortniker / Twitter

Rebekah Tweeted the experience of being one of Swift’s chosen ones and shared photos of her gifts, including an original Taylor Swift watercolor,

screen-shot-2015-01-13-at-2-20-37-pmRebekah Bortniker / Twitter

a photo of Swift painting the piece,

screen-shot-2015-01-13-at-2-16-02-pmRebekah Bortniker / Twitter

and one of the singer’s own necklaces.

screen-shot-2015-01-13-at-2-25-59-pmRebekah Bortniker / Twitter

It would have been way more generous if Swift had sent a check with a blank space, but we get this reference, too, Taylor.

More at Mashable

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