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Ashley is the Regional Marketing Manager for RoverTown. She is a coach's daughter, college dance team alumna, and MBA student. Ashley can be found either blogging or riding her little yellow scooter.

First Impressions


They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but most people will judge you within the first second of meeting you. This is the time of year where you are meeting new people everyday. Making a good first impression is important, because you only have one chance at it. So throw yourself a bone, and follow these tips!
Be interested and interesting. We have all been dragged along to meet someone we really don’t care about at all. Others can pick up on that! Approach others with a genuine interest. You will have better conversations and lasting connections.
Turn your bad days around. No one likes to be in a bad mood, and if you meet up with others after having a bad day, odds are, your bad day will still continue. Bad moods can give off the impression of anxiety, poor facial expressions, and bad body language. Find something to snap you out of your mood! YouTube videos or fun music might be your solution.
Be positive.If you prove that you have a positive attitude on situations, others while catch on to your sunny outlook. Nothing goes further than a smile.
So go ahead and make a great first impression this week! It might take you farther than you could imagine.
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Back to School

School is back in session and it’s time for a new semester. Rover is a college guru and knows the best ways to successfully start off the fall semester. Follow these tips to be the best college student you can be. Your parents will be a little proud too.


3. Know where to get your books.
Textbooks could either be a total asset in your college course…or completely useless. So, when you spend $200 on a book you use twice, we wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t the happiest kid on the block. Some school libraries participate in a state sharing system that allows you to “rent” your textbooks for FREE! This could be a cheap and easy resource to make sure you have access to textbooks for the semester. Just visit your university’s library for more information.


2. Get information on where to go for help.
We know you have it all under control, but if you find yourself juggling more than you can handle, know where you can go for help. Most campus health centers have a psychiatrist on hand. In fact, you might already be paying for their services with your school fees. Utilize that service! Unload all of your feelings on someone who isn’t your roommate.


1. Balance your finances.
Even if you’re killing it in all of your classes, if you run out of money, you’ll probably have to head back home. Plan a budget for your semester. Know what you can spend on groceries and nightlife, so that you can make it through the entire semester, and not just welcome week.

We would like to wish you best of luck this semester! …like you’ll even need it.

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