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March Madness. The Big Dance. The Road to Atlanta.


The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship has come to be known under many different names, but the excitement that develops this time of year is always of the same caliber. Bubble teams wait nervously for their fate on Selection Sunday. 68 teams go into the brackets on Tuesday, March 19, hoping for their one shining moment. However, only one comes out a champion on Monday, April 8.

States are divided by brutal rivalries: Kentucky and Louisville in 1983
From 1959-1983, the two teams did not play one other. Period. UK coach, Adolph Rupp, hated Louisville with a passion. Coach Rupp believed the Wildcats held supremacy of the two Kentucky teams. In 1983, the tournament seeding committee had the last laugh by setting up the first game between the two in 24 years.

Our brackets are busted: Southern Illinois in 2002
Coming out of the MVC tournament, the Salukis received little attention in the Big Dance. The #11 seeded Dawgs beat Bobby Knight’s Texas Tech team, advanced to the Sweet Sixteen after a win over #3 Georgia, and lost by 12 to #2 Connecticut.

Cinderella teams surprise us: Butler in 2010
Given a #5 seed, the nation didn’t expect much out of the Butler Bulldogs. However, this team took down #1 Syracuse, #2 Kansas State, and #5 Michigan State. Returning to their home state of Indiana, the Bulldogs had a last minute chance to win it all with Gordon Hayward’s half court shot. Duke sent Butler home from the dance, but not empty handed; Butler’s run was easily one of the best seen in tournament history.

It is a crazy month and we can’t help but to love it! Rover says, bring on the madness!

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St. Patty’s Day Around the World


St. Patrick’s Day is a day to commemorate Saint Patrick who was kidnapped as a teenager to become a slave in Ireland. He was told in a dream to flee from captivity and become a priest in Britain. Later in life he was called back to Ireland to convert the natives to Christianity. He often used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. Today, March 17th is celebrated by masses all around the world!

Argentina: Argentinians celebrate the holiday with all-night parties. 50,000 people turn out for the celebrations in the streets of downtown Buenos Aires, where there are several Irish pubs.

Canada: The Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team was known as the Toronto St. Patricks until 1927. Occasionally, the team will bring out retro green jerseys.

United States: On the homefront, even though St. Patrick’s day is not recognized as a legal holiday, it is still celebrated throughout the entire country. Parades have been held since 1766. That’s 247 years of parades!

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