8 Tips for Improving Your College Apartment On A Budget

Not all of us can be interior design majors or experts in Feng Shui, but there are a few easy steps to take when outfitting your apartment. Check out these 8 tips to save money and make your apartment or dorm room your sanctuary, your study hall and party central, all rolled into one.


1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

Waking up particularly sucks when you have to do it for an 8 am class. Starbucks is expensive, especially if you need coffee to function mid-hangover or even get moving in the morning. The more economical way to get the mind right in the AM is to get your own coffee or espresso maker.

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2. Good Parties Need Good Tunes.

Throwing a party? The key to making sure you get the night started off right is having the right set of speakers for your space.

Noise complaints are on you, but we say turn it up.

3. It’s Not The Size That Matters… When It Comes To Apartments & Dorms.

Is your dorm room smaller than Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe in the Anaconda video? Investing in some inexpensive hanging mirrors will actually make your small spot look bigger. Bonus: Countless outfit-check opportunities.

Snag a couple low-cost, basic mirrors, and if you want to be spiffy decorate their borders with some faux flowers or ribbon and a hot glue gun.

4. Beer, I Mean Soda, Fridge.

Having a dedicated place to put your favorite beverages, strategically placed in a super convenient spot, is the cherry on top to any cheaply tricked out apartment.

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5. Use a Skirt To Hide Your Junk. Under Your Bed.

Adding a bed skirt can make a world of difference to how nice your humble abode looks. Seriously. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does have to be the right size for your bed. Not only will your bedroom look a lot cleaner and more put together, but it also gives you the opportunity for discreet, under-the-bed storage.

6. Morning Smoothies and Margarita Monday On The Cheap.

What do weekday mornings and weekend nights have in common? They’re both better with a blender. 20% off blenders at Best Buy coming in hot from RoverTown. You’ll get plenty of use out of your blender making Margaritas.

7. Rug Me the Right Way.

A great rug can do a lot for a room. Take your apartment from drab to fab with a cool, patterned area rug. It’ll brighten up your living space and save you from having to buy a bunch of knickknacks to make your place look interesting. If you can’t find one within your budget, try a couple accent rugs. They’ll have the same effect at a fraction of the cost.

8. Extra Seating, Minimal Space.

If you plan on having the squad over to watch the game, or Game of Thrones, you’ll want some extra seating. Trying picking up some folding chairs that you can bring out for that occasion and stow away when it’s just you relaxing in between classes.

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