Your Student Discount Program for 2015 from RoverTown

RoverTown makes college less expensive. We’ll help you save on everything from food to oil changes to mani/pedis so you have enough money to go out and not overdraw your account. Not all heroes wear capes.

Download RoverTown and starting saving some $$$. 


  • Download RoverTown & sign up with your .edu email
  • Earn bones by redeeming and sharing discounts, as well as by using the app!
  • Use the app to find discounts & the student-friendly businesses closest to you You’re welcome.
  • Redeem discounts at RoverTown businesses to save some $$$ (hello weekend spending money)


We just launched a new version of RoverTown and it’s pretty sweet. We might be biased, but this app is a must-have for any college student. Unless you hate saving money, which you don’t. So yeah, it’s awesome.

Design – New sleek design that makes it super easy to find deals that help you save some money.

Location-based Discounts – Find student discounts near you, whether you’re at school, home, spring break, we’re all over the place.

New Discount Notifications – We don’t want you to miss out on the latest coupons in RoverTown. We’ll give you a heads up when some high-value discounts are available at your school.

Save Your Student ID – Just in case someone still wants to see your student ID, you can now take a photo of it and store it in the app. When they ask, just tilt your phone sideways and it will pop up. Problem solved!

Earn Badges – If you’ve used the RoverTown app before you know all about bones, but now you will be able to earn badges based upon the types of discounts you’re redeeming.
Better Support System – Want to suggest a business in your area or need help from the RoverTown team? We’ve created a better interface within our new app that makes it easy for you to give us praise and advice.

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