You Can Now Order Chipotle For Delivery And Never Move Again

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Ladies and gentlemen, your foodie dreams are continuing to come true.

Earlier this month, Elite Daily introduced you to Uber’s plans to roll out a food delivery service. This time, it’s all about Chipotle and the its plans to support your lazy antics.

Despite the fact there’s a Chipotle location every few blocks in major cities, everyone’s favorite Americanized Mexican fast food chain wants to make your life even easier.

According to Eater, Chipotle and Postmates are teaming up to provide a food delivery service to their loyal customers in 67 cities around the country. Postmates will be the official third-party food delivery service.

If you’re unfamiliar with Postmates, the San Francisco-based company works closely with independent contractors who sign on to deliver food and other items to people all over the country using their personal vehicles.

You can start using the Chipotle delivery service today in cities like New York and Seattle. Find your city here and remember, treat yo’ self.

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