You Can Actually Turn Your iPhone Into A Game Boy And Relive Childhood

GameboyHyperkin / Elite Daily

Angry Birds is cool and so is Candy Crush, but let’s face it, nothing will ever entertain us like Game Boys did.

There’s just something Nintendo Game Boys have that iPhones and Android smartphones don’t. It might not be the stunning graphics, but it could have a lot to do with nostalgia.

But what if we told you there’s a way to relive the glory days without changing who you are today? Well, there is! It’s called the SmartBoy from Hyperkin, and it was originally supposed to be an April Fools’ day joke.

But in a recent press release, Hyperkin states the product will be put into production and released for consumers to purchase.

The way it works is pretty simple — the SmartBoy connects to your iPhone 6 Plus and enables you to insert Game Boy cartridges and play them right on your screen. If that isn’t innovation, we’re not sure what is!

Chris Gallizzi, the SmartBoy’s product developer, told the Daily Dot that Hyperkin “wanted to create a retro device that can be easily adapted into any modern gamer’s arsenal of devices.” And man, did they do a great job!

The only downfall is, as of now, the SmartBoy will only be available for iPhone 6 Plus, but something tells us they’ll go back to the drawing board for other smartphone compatibility as well!

Hyperkin has yet to issue a release date for the SmartBoy, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Check out the photo below for a closer look!

smart_boyHyperkin / Elite Daily

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