The “Harry Potter” Actors Doing Normal Stuff Together Is So Weird

1. When Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy partied it up in Las Vegas.

2. And declared their love for each other via this T-shirt. enhanced-32224-1426258883-7Getty Images / BuzzFeed

3. And when Malfoy gate-crashed the Weasley family reunion.

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4. Like it was just ~any~ other day.

5. When Harry Potter grew his hair long and Ron tried to not get the giggles. enhanced-25086-1426256073-19REX USA / BuzzFeed

6. The time Neville Longbottom and Hermione Granger summed up every awkward teenage disco and sipped on their orange juices together.

7. And when Neville and Cedric Diggory gave each other a hug and stepped up their bromance.

8. When Neville Longbottom wore a kilt and let his hair down with Ginny Weasley and Draco.

9. Then Draco and Neville played golf together. Because they’re Muggles. And that’s what normal Muggles do.

10. When Lee Jordan and Fred Weasley had a day of pure joy and fun together.

11. And Draco went to a gig with Filius Flitwick.

12. When Draco pretended to beat up Neville. enhanced-22912-1426258106-5Getty Images / BuzzFeed

13. But was mesmerised with his good looks and gave him a hug instead. enhanced-29392-1426518104-10Getty Images / BuzzFeed

14. The time Lee Jordan went to a basketball match with Fred and George Weasley like they were just NORMAL human beings.

15. When Draco and Filius messed around together as if they were ordinary Muggle friends.

16. And the time Draco, Ron, and Cedric were just mates enjoying an evening in California together.
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17. When Draco hitched a ride on the back of Ron’s bike.
enhanced-29392-1426518002-2Getty Images / BuzzFeed

18. Then Ginny joined them for a road trip.
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19. And when Hermione and J.K. Rowling just happened to be at the same event together, like family friends reuniting for dinner.
enhanced-21320-1426264693-33Getty Images / BuzzFeed

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