13 Perfectly Honest Valentine’s Day Cards

slideshow_1Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

Whether you’re telling someone you don’t like their outfit or you love them more than kittens, sometimes it’s better to just get to the point. Emily McDowell’s greeting cards prove that there are charming ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day — without all the Hallmark-y mush.

Some of these love notes are part of a larger set of 20 cards that the artist just released, covering everything from a belated happy birthday to failure to baby and wedding congratulations.

Because nothing says “I love you” quite like, “Are you wearing that?”

square_nrm_1421344493-225c_loveyouwearingthat_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421344526-187-c-and-they-said-it-wouldnt-last-card_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421343534-143c_thankyouforlovingme_web_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421343576-147-c-i-love-your-stupid-face-card_a0444bcd-09c3-4f74-936f-067fff8bb030_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421343612-226c_assminevalentine_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421343646-231cdefinitionofdivorcecard_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_nrm_1421343998-208-c-look-at-my-phone-card_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421344024-188-c-amazing-friend-valentine-card_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421344055-189-c-dating-some-idiot-valentine-for-your-single-friend-card_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421344084-149-c-love-pie-chart-card_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421344107-227-c-new-red-love-shit-card_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421343801-246csobatyourweddingcard_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

square_nrm_1421343960-224c_presenceinmypants_1024x1024Emily McDowell / Cosmopolitan

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