14 Clever Halloween Costumes For People Who Love A Good Pun (Photos)

Given the number of times I went as “a person dressed in normal clothes wearing a mask” on Halloween, there are really no limits on the number of costumes at your disposal on the second scariest night of the year (based on the high risk of running into people from high school, Thanksgiving Eve takes the top spot).

However, those costumes can be broken down into a number of subcategories. If you don’t have the makeup skills to actually look scary, you want to avoid easy pop-culture references — and if you don’t feel like going as a sexy version of a blue-collar worker, then you’ll probably want to go the “funny” route.

Puns might be the lowest form of comedy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally make magic. A lot of the costumes on this list might’ve already been done to death once people decided to copy them, but whoever came up with these ideas first deserves a little bit of credit.

Black-eyed peas

black-eyed-peas-halloween-pun-elite-daily (1)Elite Daily
This is ideal for when you want to go as your favorite Southern side dish/music group containing members with no capital letters in their name without splurging for an actual costume.

Ceiling fan

ceiling-fan-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
I wouldn’t put it past Portland to change their name from “Trailblazers” to “Ceiling Plans” to reinforce how quirky they are.

Cereal killer

cereal-killer-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
I can’t stop picturing the Trix rabbit hanging from a meat hook in a basement somewhere.

Chick magnet

chick-magnet-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
Also known as the Younger Farmer’s Starter Kit.

Dust bunny

dust-bunny-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
She got yelled at by people at the party later in the night for dusting a pile of white powder off a desk in one of the bedrooms.

Fantasy football

fantasy-football-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
What came first: the costume or the graphic t-shirt?

Freudian slip

freaudian-slip-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
Nothing gets me going like a reminder that my unconscious exerts more control over my life than I’m comfortable with.

French Kiss

french-kiss-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
I stared at this picture for five minutes because I thought the pun had something to do with mimes. It did not.

Gingerbread man

gingerbread-man-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
There aren’t many positives that come along with having red hair, but making a last-minute Halloween costume using nothing but the contents of your bread drawer has to be considered a plus.

One-night stand

one-night-stand-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
Good thing he wrote what he was. I doubt anyone would have understood.

Pumpkin Pi

pumpkin-pi-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
You’d think most people would get this out of their system on March 14, but some people really love being nerds.

Spice rack

spice-rack-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
It’s funny because there are boobs involved.

Weed brownie

weed-brownie-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
Weed is probably a factor in a significant amount of cookie sales, but something tells me the Girl Scouts of America probably wouldn’t approve of this.


pot-heads-halloween-pun-elite-dailyElite Daily
I wonder if the Girl Scouts would like this one more or less?

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