16 Fall Outfit Ideas That Go Great With A Pumpkin Spice Latte

1. Black Leather Skirt

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This sleek item will turn heads almost as much as your PSL.

2. Hand-Knit Scarf

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Make an unforgettable fashion statement by wrapping yourself in this chunky knit while holding a PSL close to your face.

3. Oversized Sunglasses

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Hide your tears of PSL-induced ecstasy behind these chic sunglasses.

4. Classic Green Rainboots

enhanced-buzz-wide-6974-1412807675-15Getty Images Digital Vision. / BuzzFeed
They’re not only highly functional this time of year, but their color delightfully matches that of the logo on your PSL.

5. Orange and Green Sweater Pairings

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The union of orange and green form perhaps the apex of PSL fashion.

6. Gold Knit Cap and Brown Gloves

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These classic fall accessories give off a “toasty” vibe comparable to the warmth given off by a freshly prepared pumpkin spiced latte.

7. Funky Eyewear

enhanced-buzz-wide-32253-1412815221-7Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
You don’t drink a regular latte, so why would you wear regular eyewear?

8. Suede Jacket

enhanced-buzz-wide-13577-1412814685-7Getty Images / BuzzFeed
You’re not supposed to get suede wet, but that’s not a problem with a PSL because you’d never spill even one precious drop.

9. Dresses with Earthy Tones

enhanced-buzz-wide-24185-1412809276-7Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
Wearing a dress like this one subtly pays tribute to the rich soil from which coffee bean plants — and pumpkins — first sprouted.

10. Charcoal Top

enhanced-buzz-wide-18538-1412811655-9Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
This understated top puts the emphasis where it should be —on your PSL.

11. Carolina Herrera’s 2014 Fall collection

enhanced-buzz-wide-9425-1412799777-7Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
The elegance of Herrera’s fashions is matched only by the elegance of the PSL.

12. Striped Dress, Boots, and Biker Vest

enhanced-buzz-wide-441-1412801119-12Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
With an outfit and a drink this sexy, you’ll make people drool.

13. Chunky White Knits

enhanced-buzz-wide-20795-1412813150-18Getty Images / BuzzFeed
Tradition says you should never wear white after Labor Day, but PSL drinkers should ignore that rule because white attire + white coffee cup = breathtaking.

14. Dresses with Bold Splashes of Color

longform-original-7086-1412807402-29Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
Make jaws drop by wearing a dress with splashes of color every bit as majestic as the splashes of real pumpkin pie spice atop your PSL.

15. A Touch of Sky Blue

enhanced-buzz-wide-32243-1412808689-16Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
Wear accents the color of the heavens from which the PSL came.

16. Retro jean jacket

longform-original-18884-1412809601-3Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
Whether people want it to or not, this classic look keeps coming back — just like the PSL.

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