As if you needed another excuse to sit inside and watch TV all weekend this winter.


Netflix just announced that they will start streaming Friends on Jan. 1, 2015.

Here are some suggestions for how you can celebrate this glorious news:

  • Eat an entire cheesecake off the floor while you watch.
  • Buy a new couch to watch it on, making sure to pivot it up the stairs properly.
  • Alternatively, watch it in a canoe while holding your pet chick.
  • Host a Friends trivia night and see who is better at lightning rounds.
  • Before you start watching, put on every article of clothing your roommate owns.
  • Alternatively, make a pair of paste pants.
  • Host a costumed New Years party so you and all your friends can watch together. Suggestions include: holiday armadillo, space doody.
  • Learn the routine, obviously. With your lobster.

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