Drop Everything: Taylor Swift Released A New Song Overnight And It’s Spectacular

Last night, while you were sleeping, Taylor Swift blessed us with a brand new song from her upcoming album, 1989.
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Titled “Out of the Woods” and co-written by Jack Antonoff, the song manages the nifty trick of being just like every other Taylor Swift song in existence without sounding like any of them.

The song documents the ups and downs of one of Swift’s tumultuous relationships but here’s the kicker: Instead of being set to strummy guitars, there’s a drum machine. Of course, the internet has already started on the project of determining who the song is ~really~ about, but there’ll be plenty of time for gossipmongering later. enhanced-7305-1413281250-2screamingcolours.co.vu / BuzzFeed

Plus, the answer is ~obviously~ Harry Styles. For now, let’s focus on what really matters: that distorted opening vocal, those drums, and that bridge.
If you find your chill has gone missing after listening to it, don’t worry — you’re not alone.



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The internet lost its chill when the song was released before midnight and has been looking for it ever since.

“Out of the Woods” is available for download exclusively on iTunes.

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