21 People Who Have A Worse Roommate Than You

1. The guy who came home to find that his roommate had left this:
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2. This guy whose roommate maniacally steals his shoes when drunk.

3. This guy who brought home a date, only to find that his roommate had left…
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4. This guy who let his roommate do the laundry.

5. This guy who just wanted Chap Stick and instead saw a whole new side of his roommate.
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6. This person who just needed their roommate to make posters for the garage sale.
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7. This person who has a sick human being of a roommate who ate all the Oreos.

8. This guy who got a nice welcome home present.
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9. This person who loves finding his roommate’s private science experiments.

10. The person who woke up to this:
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11. The guy whose roommate left decaying socks around the sink as “presents.”

12. The guy who thought it would be a good idea to let his roommate run the dishwasher:
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13. The person whose roommate left her to do the dirty work.

14. This person, who wanted to give their parents a present, and whose roommate decided to “contribute” something to it:
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15. Whoever lives with the master of passive-aggressive notes.

16. And the master of being straight-up aggressive.

17. This person, whose roommate decided to keep them from ever escaping their room again:
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18. This guy, whose roommate decided to immortalize his worst moment:
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19. This person, whose roommate decided to send a message.

20. The guy who forgot to lock his bedroom door.
grid-cell-2332-1410301206-6imgur.com / BuzzFeed

21. This guy, whose roommate gave him a little surprise before his morning commute:
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Makes you appreciate your roommate, AMIRITE?!
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