21 Kids Who Shut Down Picture Day

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. These kids go 100 on Picture Day, though. So, don’t even try to compete.

1. Literally reaching for the stars.

enhanced-23224-1409345351-2lastlaughgroup.com / BuzzFeed

2. He knows he’s got it.

enhanced-15644-1409342579-5dailydawdle.com / BuzzFeed

3. It’s not easy getting old.

enhanced-23155-1409342980-7awkwardfamilyphotos.com / BuzzFeed

4. America

enhanced-29138-1409345789-41awkwardfamilyphotos.com / BuzzFeed

5. Braces are…

enhanced-18884-1409344232-15photos.ellen.warnerbros.com / BuzzFeed

6. He was the inspiration for Hannah’s crazy night out in Girls.

enhanced-21343-1409337622-31thechive.com / BuzzFeed

7. Don’t mess with him.

enhanced-25631-1409337813-29bonapprenant.tumblr.com / BuzzFeed

8. Really getting into her visit to Japan.

enhanced-buzz-19110-1409339332-8reddit.com / BuzzFeed

9. ~Twinsies~

enhanced-19126-1409340450-1otherside.gr via imgur.com / BuzzFeed

10. Jumpin’ for joy.

enhanced-14380-1409344109-19photos.ellen.warnerbros.com / BuzzFeed

11. Slyly trolling his parents at a young age.

enhanced-19118-1409341432-3awkwardfamilyphotos.com / BuzzFeed

12. She is NOT feelin’ it right now.

enhanced-19119-1409340460-1otherside.gr / BuzzFeed

13. The King of the North!

enhanced-11137-1409343165-10awkwardfamilyphotos.com / BuzzFeed

14. Such a rare and beautiful moment captured on film.

enhanced-24367-1409340470-1otherside.gr / BuzzFeed

15. Exercising her love for Wonder Bread.

enhanced-10704-1409341385-2awkwardfamilyphotos.com / BuzzFeed

16. Don’t go toward the light!

enhanced-9759-1409341611-1awkwardfamilyphotos.com / BuzzFeed

17. Poorly placed bubbles…

enhanced-9651-1409343969-8photos.ellen.warnerbros.com / BuzzFeed

18. The most interesting kid in the world.

enhanced-buzz-24375-1409342198-26reddit.com / BuzzFeed

19. At least they tried.

enhanced-15632-1409343324-28photos.ellen.warnerbros.com / BuzzFeed

20. Not sure if this should be terrifying or hilarious.

enhanced-1378-1409337644-2thechive.com / BuzzFeed

21. *drops mic*

enhanced-29368-1409345062-21awkwardfamilyphotos.com / BuzzFeed

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