This Instagram Legend Is Enhancing Her Bathroom Selfies One Doodle At A Time (Photos)

Time to step up my selfie game.

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Putting our own bathroom selfies to shame, Helene Meldahl illustrates vivid doodles on her bathroom mirror.

Her mirror art started when she’d leave notes for her roommate on their bathroom mirror. From there, she began getting artsy and creating anything you could imagine. From cartoon characters to cupcakes to her morning toothbrushing session, this girl does it all.

Since Meldahl’s name started buzzing around the Web for her awesome illustrations, she’s been able to showcase her mirror art more effectively on Instagram with the help of exposure from Ellen DeGeneres, People magazine and more.

Now when you stock your bathroom full of markers to begin your own selfie-doodles, make sure you don’t grab permanent markers!

We love Fridays too!

Off to Neverland.

A Lumineers fan? Ok, we love this girl.

It’s me, Mario! Helene!

Emojis on emojis on emojis


Keep on keepin on, Helene!

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