24 Reasons Why Scott Disick Is Actually The Best Thing To Happen To The Kardashians

A man named Lord Disick can single-handedly balance out the entire Kardashian family. Thank you E! network.

1. He’s honest.
enhanced-8573-1391049943-15Tumblr / Elite Daily

2. He spends his spare time pranking Kris.
enhanced-6604-1391050061-10Tumblr / Elite Daily

3. He’s very romantic.
enhanced-23128-1391050127-17Tumblr / Elite Daily

4. Did I say he’s honest yet?
enhanced-25500-1391050197-1 (1)Tumblr / Elite Daily

5. Because of that time he spoke for all of the middle class.
enhanced-22405-1391050297-20Tumblr / Elite Daily

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