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Do you want to be part of the next big deal? Think about it, what if you were able to be part of a fast growing, venture backed start up from the beginning? If you want to be challenged, check out our opportunities at RoverTown, one of the newest Global Arch Grant winners! These are not your average jobs, these are career starters.

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Account Executive

Calling all smooth talkers! If you are a person who enjoys the art of sales, our Account Executive position may be of interest to you. At RoverTown we are looking for candidates that thrive for the next call and the challenge of turning the word no into a yes. This is a great career starter for recent grads!

Account Specialist

Nice title, but what would I do? Well, here at RoverTown we are looking for candidates that have strong attention to detail and those who want to be part of our company as we grow. If that isn t enough for you, how about this: the main responsibility of this position in our organization is to lay the ground work for our sales force. If you like the challenge of research and sourcing leads, click the link!

Marketing Manager

The RoverTown Marketing Manager position will be filled by a candidate who is creative, able to stay relevant with 18-24 year olds, a good writer, and not afraid to speak up to present new ideas. If you are an outside of the box thinker with a marketing degree looking to be the marketing brain behind something big, check out the rest of this job description!


These positions will be located in Downtown, St. Louis, Missouri. However, check out this video of life in the old RoverTown office.

(Don’t worry, we’re bringing the foosball table with us.)

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About Ashley Watson

Ashley is the Regional Marketing Manager for RoverTown. She is a coach's daughter, college dance team alumna, and MBA student. Ashley can be found either blogging or riding her little yellow scooter.