You did it!


RoverTown would like to congratulate all of our friends who are walking across the big stage and earning that degree. It’s an exciting time for everyone who is moving on or continuing with their education. With the semester ending, Rover dug up these tips to make sure you have the smoothest moving experience possible.

Start early by packing up belongings you use less frequently. If you find that you don’t use items at all, donate them or throw them away. A rule of thumb for clothing: If you haven’t worn it in the past year, you are OK to donate it.

Have a walk through with your landlord a few days before you give up your keys. This will give you a chance to know what’s expected of you when you actually do move out. If you can fix holes in the walls or replace light bulbs, do it! Your landlord will try to deduct as much as possible from your security deposit.

Take care of your utilities. Make an appointment to have the electric, water, cable, etc. either turned off or forwarded to a new address.

Good luck! Hope these tips provide you with a smooth transition.

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About Ashley Watson

Ashley is the Regional Marketing Manager for RoverTown. She is a coach's daughter, college dance team alumna, and MBA student. Ashley can be found either blogging or riding her little yellow scooter.