Top Five Greatest Badger Traditions


Rover collected the top five greatest traditions at Wisconsin. Check it out!

5. Badger Nickname

Wisconsin’s nickname, “Badgers”, was borrowed from the state of Wisconsin. The state was dubbed the “Badger State” in the 1820’s, not being of animals. Miners, searching for minerals, had to “live like badgers” due to lack of shelter for the winter.

4. Fifth Quarter

Win or lose, the Wisconsin band plays traditional fight songs as the crowd makes their way out of the stadium. It has developed into a post-game party as the band has created audience participation activities.

3. Camp Randall Arch

The Camp Randall Memorial Arch commemorates the Civil Wr period. At that time, Camp Randall was a training camp for Wisconsin troops. The arch was dedicated in 1912.

2. Slab of Bacon

The Slab of Bacon trophy was the prize in the Wisconsin-Minnesota football series. The trophy was presented to the winning team by a sorority from the losing school. The tradition ended in the 1940’s until the trophy was discovered in a storage room at UW. It currently statys in the football office at Wisconsin.

1. Homecoming

UW’s first homecoming parade had students wearing nightshirts as they paraded around campus. Bonfires have also been a great tradition for many years. Before the actual homecoming game, law students are invited on the field for a can toss. If the student can successfully toss his/her cane over the goalpost, that student will win his/her first case.

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