Introducing RoverTown 5.0

6 New Features that take the Student Discount Game to the Next Level

The RoverTeam has been busy working on some new features to make your student discount experience even better. Check out our newest app experience dedicated to help you save money in college.

RoverTown 5.0

Activity Feed

Now, by looking at the RoverTown activity feed, you will be able to see what discounts other people at your school are redeeming, find new places in town, and even figure out what bars are packed based on the number of redeems.

Dollars For Downloads

RoverTown now pays you cash through Venmo for every friend you refer onto the student discount program using your unique code. Make more than $20 an hour by helping your friends and peers download the RoverTown app and save money!

Submit A Discount

It’s your school, it’s your student discount program. RoverTown relies on your submissions to capture existing local student discounts and your suggestions for new RoverTown exclusive student discounts.

5.0 features a streamlined process for submitting and suggesting discounts with both photo and text additions. Once added to the program, they will be marked as “unverified” until other students have success with the newly added discount.

Verified Discounts

We hate it when we get emails saying a discount has stopped working. We’ve created a super fancy algorithm that tracks coupon redemptions, app actions, and customer service reports that helps us mark good discounts as Verified, or suspect discounts as Unverified, and notify us when we should take one off the app to make sure you have a positive money-saving experience.

Online Discounts

Now RoverTown has the hookup with discounts online too! We’re working with companies all over the place from clothes, to electronics, to services, to food getting super legit discounts for student to buy what they need online.

Discount Comments

Have a thought on a student discount or experience at a RoverTown business? Share it with your whole school by commenting.

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Date Night

Dimes: Save One While Dating One

Pulling out a freshly clipped paper coupon on a date usually entitles you to a “it’s not you, it’s me” — AKA “it’s not me, it’s your cheap ass.” – conversation. But what if there was a way to take out a hottie without spending a small fortune? Enter RoverTown.

  1. Choose a restaurant or activity in your area from RoverTown app using the geo-targeted list, then tell your girl you found a perfect little place she’ll love.
  2. Pick her up/walk to said restaurant or venue looking fresh to death.
  3. Order whatever the discounted item is and tell her it’s really good. But don’t make mention that you’re just ordering that to save some cash.
  4. Casually pull out your phone and tap “Redeem Discount” when cashing out – no pulling out paper coupons, no looking like a fool.
  5. Be funny and make good conversation. But that one’s on you, bro.
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